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About Marcie Burling

Marcie Burling is a Magna Wave Certified Practitioner, Registered Veterinary Technician and Equi-Health Canada Certified Instructor.

Growing up in the standardbred industry, Marcie developed an early passion for athlete and competition horses. She is the Owner of Marcie's Magna Wave offering mobile PEMF treatment services, works for a large animal practice, Harwich Veterinary Clinic and previously managed a standardbred broodmare farm.

After graduating from St. Clair College Veterinary Technician program in 2001, Marcie worked at an equine surgical facility, Biederman Equine Clinic gaining valuable experience with diagnostic, medical and surgical procedures on equine patients. She attended Colorado State University and completed a continuing education course in Equine AI and Reproduction. Marcie is also a Certified Instructor in equine emergency first aid training with Equine-Health Canada. She was the first Certified Magna Wave PEMF Practitioner in Essex County and continues to add to her team of Certified Practitioners and Professionals to serve her clients more efficiently. Marcie understands the importance of professional development and training to keep up with the ever changing health and wellness industries. Her passion to people, horses, dogs and pets is evident through her standard of care practices and client testimonials.

Marcie’s Magna Wave Therapy offers mobile treatment servies for horses, dogs and people and services the Essex County and Chatham Kent areas in Southwestern Ontario.



Magna Wave Therapy is the therapeutic use of PEMF, Pulsed Electro-Magnestic Frequency, and is a non-invasive alternative therapy used for the purpose of improving circulation, increasing blood oxygen, lymphatic stimulation, relaxing muscle spasms, relieving tension, enhancing muscle tone, and increasing the range of motion at the cellular level.


PEMF for pain therapy treats many musculoskeletal disorders that are a source of pain. These include arthritis, tendinitis, sprains & strains, fractures, post-op pain, osteoporosis, wounds, neuralgias, neuropathies, hip disorders, muscle spasms, spinal cord injury, trauma, burns, neuromas, heel spurs, phantom pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, tennis elbow, complex regional pain syndrome, etc.

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